If you are looking for a sparkle in your print then our thermographic glitter is for you, it beats conventional glitter hands down and is available in a huge range of colours and effects. Used primarily in the greetings card industry we are now adding it to invitations, wedding stationery and even business cards.

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Greetings Cards

Using our new thermographic machine we can glitter your pre printed card blanks.

We are able to mix up an almost endless range of glitters to your specification. For a truly original card we can use two colours of glitter.

Our glitter is mixed together with thermographic resin, this means that when applied to the card and heated the glitter bubbles up and creates far more sparkle than is possible with conventional flitter.

In addition due to the depth of resin the glitter lays at different angles and catches the light far more - ideal in display stands when you need your cards to stand out.