Thermographic printing

Thermographic printing is the mainstay of our business and something we are very experienced at. We can offer a wide variety of finishes from straight thermo to pearlescent, iridescent and even glitter.

Our work

All our work is produced using high quality powders from Caslon on a New Green Machine Thermographic Unit also supplied by Caslon. With the addition of a UV curer we are now able to offer high quality laser proof printing.



Thermography gives a raised glossy finish to printed products. This is achieved by applying a clear or coloured resin powder to wet ink. When heated this melts and forms a glossy raised coating.


With our wide range of powders we can vary the height of the finish as well as adding glitter, metallic, pearlescent or iridescent effects. This is ideal for use on business cards, stationery and within the greetings card industry.


With our UV laser proof unit you can now laser print thermographed letterheads.