For July’s insert into Progressive Greetings we chose a single sided coated 300gsm stock, this was printed with four pastel neon colours from the ‘Pantone Plus Series Pastels and Neons’.

The artwork was created so the colours blended into each other and a single black bee was printed in black.

textured foil insert
textured foil die close up

The next stage was to foil in three colours using textured dies. The cost of a textured die is slightly higher than a normal die but the run costs are exactly the same and the dies can be used for many 1000’s of prints, used with a basic metallic foil some textures can also give the impression of a holographic more reflective finish.

After foiling we debossed some of the shapes using a male and female die, this permanently deforms the card creating a debossed finish.

textured foil die
textured foil close up

At this point the card was trimmed to size and creased, this meant that after the final thermographic stage there was no further finishing on the card, this was to prevent the glossy thermographic finish being flattened under the guillotine pressure.

The next stage was to apply a clear thermographic finish to the bee. To do this we printed a clear ink which was then covered in a thermographic resin which melts under heat and swells to form a glossy raised finish. Depending on the size and detail of the artwork we can use a range of grain sizes to achieve the highest raise whilst maintaining the detail. In this case we used a grade 14 powder.

dog and a greeting card

Finally the cards were inserted into our neon foiled envelopes. Luckily Buttons was on hand to assist with the envelope licking!

If you would like any further information on any of the processes used in the production of this card or would like to see how we could help bring your cards to life please contact us on 01797 223355 or