The Adventures of Mr Abbot

At Abbotprint we like to think that we are pretty adventurous, that we will step outside our comfort zone to try something new and to push the boundaries of what is possible, just a little bit more than our competitors.

So with this in mind we have produced a range of greeting cards to show a selection of our most popular finishes, and also the adventurous nature of our ‘Mr Abbot”.

These cards have been printed in full colour onto Callisto soft white 300gsm from GF Smith, the cards have then been foiled, embossed, glittered and there is even a bit of our latest creation liquid metal.

Goes on a Quest

“Mr Abbot Goes On a Quest” was litho printed by the land’s most skilled craftsmen before being foiled using a textured foil die on one of Heidelberg’s legendary platens. Finally, our knightly friend was embossed on the same machine. 🚀

The alliance of textured foil and multi level deep emboss really help our hero to stand proud, and the effect is one of our favourites. 🎨

Searching for Treasure

Sailing under the dreaded skull and crossbones ☠️ , ‘Mr Abbot Searching for Treasure’ is a fearsome sight to behold. Litho printed onto Callisto Soft White 300gsm from the holds of GF Smith, we armed him with a cutlass and hook stamped with flat textured foil to give him some buckle to his swash.

To finish the job, standard glitter puts a shine to his waistcoat, boot and peg-leg. He’ll take what he can, and give nothing back! 🌊

The Chef

‘Mr Abbot The Chef’ has really outdone himself this time, and whipped up three courses of print finishes to whet your appetite. 🥘 To start, a sumptuous red foil, applied generously to his neckerchief. The main course, of course, is the shining silver-foiled platter proudly held in his hand.

Finally, for dessert, a multi-level emboss really rounds things off. Bon Appetit!👨🏻‍🍳

In the Wild West

Stick ‘em up! ‘Mr Abbot In the Wild West’ is here to hold up the stagecoach.🤠💰He was run out on Callisto Soft White 300gsm from GF Smith, and he’s got lithographic print in his blood. We gave him his shiny leather boots and hat with clear thermographic ink and hid his face with our 100% Intense glitter. 👀 

Undersea Adventure

20,000 Leagues under the sea, Mr Abbot has dived deep to bring a real treasure to light. 🧜 Setting out on a vessel of sturdy Callisto Soft White 300gsm from the shipyards at GF Smith, he donned his four-colour lithographic wetsuit. 🦈 Trailing bubbles of clear thermographic ink in his wake, he finds himself in a sea of Ocean Spray glitter.

These are no ordinary waters, however. Abbotprint’s own Intense Glitter has made the density greater than ever thought possible – found nowhere else in all the seven seas! 🌊

Joins the Circus

Roll up, roll up! Mr Abbot has decided to run away with the famous Full Colours Lithographic Circus, and is the main attraction on the 300 gsm Callisto Soft White stage, in the GF Smith tent. His juggling act stands out in front of a curtain of Lavender Intense Glitter, a spectacle not found anywhere else!

10,000 years BC

At the Abbot Print laboratory, we’ve managed to achieve the impossible – a prehistoric Mr Abbot from the Ice Age has been thawed out! Fossil evidence has long suggested that full-colour lithographic print was used even in the depths of prehistory, and examples of ancient Callisto Soft White 300gsm board have been previously found in the dig sites at GF Smith. His wooden club is coated with clear thermographic ink, which some have theorised about for a while now. But Mr Abbot’s authentic sabretooth leopard hide clothing is what really convinces us he’s from a time before time: cut to shape from Faux Fur fabric by the cutting-edge laser equipment at Abbot Print.

The Wizard

Abracadabra! Alakazam! Mr Abbot is here today to cast a spell over you, and he certainly looks the part. He has been summoned by combining the sorcery of full-colour litho print and Callisto Soft White 300gsm from the alchemical laboratory of GF Smith. But it’s Mr Abbot’s wizard robe that gives him his true power, as it is wrought from a two-colour fade of different glitters that blend into each other in a manner found only in the warlock’s lair that is Abbot Print!

In the Arena

Mr Abbot has gone a bit sword and sandals today, and it looks like he has something to say to us…🔱

“My name is Abbotus Thermographus Printus, commander of the Printers of the South-East, General of the Callisto Soft White legions, loyal servant to the true paper stockist, GF Smith. Father to a four-colour son, husband to a lithographic wife. And I will print your cards, in this life or the next.”⚜️

Ooer. Looks like he means business as well, as he’s been embellished with Liquid Metal, a secret blend developed in-house at Abbot Print.🎨

Lost in Space

The Race

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