!Here’s why our glitter is a cut above the rest!

Our glitter is mixed into a clear resin which swells up and looks much more like its been hand applied. As the glitter sits throughout the resin in 3D it will sparkle when seen from every direction, unlike encapsulated flitter which only catches the light at one angle, usually because the glitter is merely laying flat in a 2D coat of varnish.

Using a variety of powders we can adjust the height of the finish and choose the effect best suited to the card. It doesn’t stop there either – we can use any pantone colour, metallics, fluorescents and pastels as a base for our glitters. By altering the base colour we can create a much deeper effect, a standard gold glitter will appear lifted from the card with a dark gold or black base layer.

The strength of glitter can also be adjusted to suit the design with a heavy coverage over large blocks of colour to a subtle sparkling effect where the design needs to show through.

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